Tour of Geek Radio

By Mark "The Red" Harlan
April 5, 1999

Howdy and welcome to Geek Radio.

We're going to do our best to bring you a minimum of two issues per month, with a focus on things that we think will appeal to people in the Internet community. We do NOT concentrate on computers and computing (in the final analysis computers are as uninteresting as a hammer or any other tool), but instead we focus on things we find fascinating, or just plain weird. Of course anything Josh and I find interesting will, in turn, be fascinating to all geeks, due to the transitive law of geekdom, which means we've got nothing but success and greatness ahead ... not to mention a never ending stream of self-promoting hype (but you're used to that, you are, after all, on the Web).

In each bone-jarring issue you should find:

Mano a Mano: The place where we have discussions with people we find interesting. You'll need a Real Audio player to hear it, and we provide transcripts in the event you'd rather read than listen. Don't expect objective journalism here, Mano a Mano is biased and occasionally bratty -- just like the rest of Geek Radio. And hey, if you know of someone that should be interviewed in Mano a Mano, send us an email.

The Red Line: My column where I write about anything I damn well please. Whoa. This will easily be the most intolerable part of Geek Radio.

Outside In: A chance for the shining stars in our readership to spew their brilliance (this means you). If you'd like to write a column for Outside In, send email.

Nanoscope: This is the spot for reviews of anything we find interesting; CD's, movies, books, toys, amusement park rides, food, etc. If you have an item you'd to see us review, send me an email.

The Mosh Pit: A gathering spot for the Geek Radio crowd. It is here you can mull over all ideas, geek or otherwise.

Naturally we have a mailing list. If you want to automatically get notified every time we have a new issue of Geek Radio posted, enter your email address on the index page. Like our policy says, we absolutely will not use or sell your address for any other purpose and will never mail you more than twice a month.

Josh and I have put a fair amount of work into this project and truly hope you enjoy it. If you like Geek Radio, tell two friends; if you don't, tell us.

Thanks for your readership,
Mark "The Red" Harlan
Publisher Because Someone Has to Be
The Geek Radio Network

I know, you read this page and say"You guys need help," well you're absolutely right. We're always looking for items to review in Nanoscope and (especially) columnists for Outside In. If you want to help in any of these ways, or even if you just have a good idea, send it along.





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