Transcript of Knaster Interview, Part 1

Introduction, books Scott has written
January 20, 1999

Note: Transcripts have been edited for readability and are not word-for-word reflections of the audio sections.

Mark "The Red" Harlan: Hi there, this is Mark Harlan, and you're listening to the inaugural issue of the Geek Radio Network. I have with me here tonight Scott Knaster, who is the famous in the Macintosh world, and a few people probably don't realize, but he's also famous in the Microsoft world these days. Now Scott, for anyone who doesn't know, literally wrote the book on how to program the Macintosh, or actually, I should say, wrote the books. What were the books that you wrote?

Scott Knaster: The first book was How to Write Macintosh Software, and it came out in 1986. It was really the first book for hard-core programmers -- commercial-level programmers doing Mac stuff. And then in 1987 I wrote a book called Macintosh Programming Secrets, which was more general techniques. The first book ended up having three different editions, and the second book has had two editions. I count it as five books -- two books done five times.

M: And how much work do you need to put into revving an edition of a book like that?

S: I think it's more work than writing it the first time.

M: Really?

S: Yeah because when you do a new edition you have to process every word just as if you were writing it in the first place. You know, you have to read it, and decide to keep it or change it and you have to add new stuff. So it's more work because you have to virtually rewrite the book that's already there going through every word, and then you have to add more stuff in between to make it more complete or up-to-date or newer. So unless you keep 90-95% of the material, I think it's more work than actually doing it in the first place.






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