Photo of Scott

Scott Knaster Interview

Interview by Mark "The Red" Harlan
Production by Josh Carter
January 20, 1999

Scott Knaster has the true "trail of tears" resume, having worked for some of the most over-hyped companies in the Silicon Valley: Apple, ACIUS and General Magic. Known in the Macintosh community for his books How to Write Macintosh Software, and Macintosh Programming Secrets, he did the unthinkable and joined Microsoft. This would be enough to scare away most mortals, but Josh and I like Scott and we figured he was probably just unaware enough to sit down and talk to us. As you listen, keep in mind Scott is an employee of Microsoft, not a spokesman for them. His opinions are wholly his own.

The trials of authoring computer books
Scott Knaster talks about the writing, and re-writing, of computer books.

Internal rivalry within Microsoft
What happens when two groups are competing against each other in the same company? Find out here.

Scott on Guy Kawasaki
Mark "The Red" claims Guy is a hype machine. Mr. Knaster gives a different view.

Tag Team: Scott vs. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates
Scott talks about Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and how they reflect in the companies they run.

Steve Jobs story: Introducing the Apple IIc
Scott gives us the smallest peak behind the scenes of a hardware roll-out.





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